Stockholm's Sexual Health Clinic

In the event of life-threatening illness or injury, always call 112.

We offer

  • Conversations and support
    If you are worried or have concerns about sexuality, sexual health, or your gender, we can offer advice, counselling support and perform an examination if we assess it as being necessary. For example, it can be about desire and erection, relationships, sexual risk behaviour and sexual orientation.
  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases
    If you have had unprotected sex, we offer testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Some sexually transmitted diseases are noticeable or not felt and therefore it can be a good idea to get tested, even if you do not have any symptoms.
  • Contraceptive advice
    We offer contraceptive advice as well as prescriptions and insertion of contraceptives. To protect yourself against pregnancy, there are several different types of contraceptives to choose from, such as IUD, contraceptive implant, or contraceptive pill. These are very safe contraceptive methods. However, only condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Booking an appointment

If you want to get tested for sexually transmitted infections and you do not have any symptoms, you can make an appointment via 1177 Vårdguiden's e-services or in the app Alltid öppet.

For other matters, please call us and book an appointment.

If you need an interpreter during your visit, we will arrange it. Let us know when you book your visit. An interpreter is free of charge for you as a patient.